Mini PC Features AirJet Cooling Module

Mini PC Features AirJet Cooling Module

In a major development, Frore Systems has introduced a groundbreaking cooling solution known as the AirJet cooling module, which is set to debut in a mini PC produced by Zotac, a renowned innovator in compact desktops. The integration of the AirJet cooling module has allowed Zotac to incorporate a more powerful eight-core Intel 3.8GHz “Alder Lake-N” processor into their 4-inch-long mini PC. Previous iterations of Zotac’s fanless chassis were limited to lower-powered Celeron or Pentium chips.

Unlike conventional cooling fans, the AirJet module is placed atop the chip or chips and utilizes internal vibrations to create a robust suction force. This force effectively pulls air through the AirJet’s body, cooling the system, and then expels it from the laptop or other hardware. The result is an improved and quieter cooling system, enabling the PC to run at higher speeds and achieve better performance gains within compact device form factors that would otherwise be unsuitable for physical fans. The AirJet cooling chips are thin and relatively small, occupying less space in all dimensions compared to traditional chassis fans. As a result, they are particularly well-suited for use in mobile devices and the most compact PCs of various shapes.

In December, Frore Systems introduced the AirJet cooling chip, generating significant excitement due to its promise of drastically improved cooling in confined spaces across the tech ecosystem. Now, Zotac is among the first companies to adopt this technology in their upcoming mini PC. Although primarily marketed towards businesses, Frore Systems has been collaborating with many companies, including consumer hardware vendors, to incorporate the AirJet technology into their products. Dr. Seshu Madhavapeddy, the CEO of Frore Systems, revealed that the company is in the advanced stages of integrating the AirJet product into multiple platforms, hinting at more announcements to come.

Manufacturers have shown interest in using AirJet for products beyond laptops. Potential applications include integrating the cooling chip into stick PCs, NVMe SSD memory, doorbell cameras, LED overhead-lighting systems, and even augmented-reality glasses and in-car hardware. The AirJet module’s versatility and effectiveness in addressing thermal challenges make it a valuable solution for various devices.

For Zotac’s mini PC, two of Frore Systems’ standard AirJet “mini” cooling chips have been placed directly over the processor and other supporting silicon components on a copper heat spreader. This advanced cooling setup enabled the integration of an eight-core Intel Core i3-N300 CPU, a significant improvement over the lower-powered CPUs used in previous iterations. Additionally, the mini PC incorporates swift NVMe SSD storage instead of the slower eMMC storage typically found in compact, low-cost systems. The presence of NVMe SSDs poses thermal challenges, but the AirJet modules effectively address them, allowing the mini PC to maintain its performance without throttling the CPU under heavy load.

Zotac’s model PI430AJ Pico mini PC, equipped with the AirJet cooling technology, is expected to be available for purchase in Q4 at approximately $500. Zotac is also exploring the application of AirJet cooling to other forms of mini PCs, indicating potential future announcements.

Frore Systems produces all AirJet modules in Taiwan, a central hub for PC manufacturing. The company’s CEO emphasizes that while pricing may vary based on volume and timing, it will not be a barrier to adopting this product, making it an accessible and attractive cooling solution for various hardware manufacturers. The AirJet cooling module’s performance and efficiency hold promise for pushing the limits of computing power while keeping systems cool, opening up new possibilities for the future of compact devices and high-performance computing.

The Zotac is available on Amazon starting from $735.

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