PCB Design

Horizon EDA

Horizon EDA is an Electronic Design Automation package for printed circuit board design. With Horizon EDA you can: Comfortably use, maintain and share a pool of parts, Draw schematics with a streamlined workflow, Design, 3D-preview and export PCB layouts for manufacturing, Horizon EDA is free and open source, built on a modern and legacy-free codebase and runs on Linux and Windows.

iPCB-DFM - Intelligent PCB DFM

iPCB-DFM - Intelligent PCB DFM (Design for Manufacturability) Gerber Software DFM (Design for manufacturability) analysis of incoming Gerber files is a standard and important process in any PCB factory. iPCB-DFM’s purpose is to perform this process automatically to find potential production issues with your PCB design, saving time and effort for you the PCB designer, and the PCB manufacturing engineers who are going to produce your PCB. Based on 25 years of PCB manufacturing experience, we have a massive collection of PCB DFM rules built into this software, allowing it to analyze up to 24 kinds of specifications. It also has powerful features such as quick panalization, PCB simulation view, direct Gerber editing, and can even help you count how many SMD pads in your design!

KiKit – Automation for KiCAD

KiKit is a Python library, KiCAD plugin and a CLI tool to automate several tasks in a standard KiCAD workflow like:panelization of both, regular and oddly shaped, boards (see examples), automated exporting manufacturing data based on manufacturer presets, multi-board project in KiCAD,building board presentation pages (see an example presentation page generated by KiKit)

NextDFM - PCB Design Analysis Software

One-click Design Analysis for Manufacturability - A PCB Design Problems Detector, An Engineering Solution Provider. Import the Gerber file with one click. No need for complicated file reading steps to review easily and improve efficiency. The visual graphics are easy to read so you can make sure that the file contains all the necessary data. Help you quickly familiarize DFM design specifications and production needs to determine whether there are any manufacturing constraints.

PCB Panelizer & Gerber Tool Suite

This is a set of tools for handling Gerber files including a PCB Panelizer. The list includes CaseBuilder, FrameBuilder, QuickRender and Gerber Viewer.