Why advertise on Electronics-Lab

Electronics-Lab.com attracts a wide number of electronic enthusiasts from around the globe, both electronics hobbyists and electronic engineers and we aim to become your place to promote your business and/or product to our specific audience. Established back in 2002 and with more than 20 years of presence on the web we can help you fulfill your advertising needs, even this is for a product or service promotion at our unique pricing scheme. We offer a good number of advertising opportunities and spots and together we can find the ideal one that fits your budget and requirements. We strongly suggest navigating to our pages, where you can clearly see the available spots, and don’t hesitate to request our new Media Kit (PDF) where you will get in-depth details of the Elab performance over the last years, our offered placements, rates, Analytics statistics and more.


Electronics-Lab.com receives a dense amount of traffic over the years. With an average of 230k monthly visits and 400k page impressions, you can get a good exposure for your brand and all these with our reasonable pricing. In the year 2021, we had a total of 2,2M visits and 3,7M page impressions with an average session duration of 1:17 min and a 71% bounce rate.

Our visitors mainly come from the United States, India, Germany, France, Poland, UK, Russia, and many other places around the world and an average visitor navigates to 1.69 pages, spending 1:17 minutes on the website. 89.3% of our visitors are men interested in Technology and Electronics and 50% of them fall in the 18-34 age range. 53.8% of our visitors talk English, 64,7% use Chrome Browser and 58% use Windows operating system.

If you would like to know more details on the statistics or request specific segments, don’t hesitate to contact us and request our Media Kit.

What we offer

Electronics-Lab.com offers a wide range of advertising placement and services through our website. Our most popular spot is the 728 x 90px header rotating banner that is available all over the website in rotation with other banners and is always above the fold. Beyond this our standard static spots are as indicated below:

  • Background ad | 1566×726 px | Projects, Downloads, Articles, and Calculators sections
  • Leaderboard | 1200×125 px | Homepage, below top stories or above latest projects
  • Squared | 300×250 px | Homepage, right sidebar
  • Header | 728×90 px | Header, next to logo all over the website, in rotation
  • Skyscraper | 300×600 px | Blog section, right sidebar
  • Blog Leaderboard | 1200×125 px | Blog section, top of the page, above content
  • Blog Leaderboard | 874×90 px | Blog section, top of the page, above content
  • Projects Leaderboard | 1200×125 px | on Projects section, below article, above tags or comments
  • Breadcrumb Leaderboard | 1200×125 px | on Below breadcrumb on Projects/Download category listing page
  • Inside Projects Top | 728×90 px | Inside Projects main article, top of page
  • Inside Projects Middle | 300×250 px | Inside Projects main article, middle of the page
  • Inside Projects Bottom | 300×250 px | Inside Projects main article, after middle ad
  • Below Projects Squared | 336×280 px | Below Projects main article, bottom of page
  • Inside Tutorials Top | 728×90 px | Inside Tutorials main article, top of page
  • Inside Tutorials Middle | 300×250 px | Inside Tutorials main article, middle of the page
  • Inside Tutorials Bottom | 300×250 px | Inside Tutorials main article, after middle ad
  • Below Tutorials Squared | 336×280 px | Below Tutorials main article, the bottom of page
  • Community Ads | 728×90 px | Custom placement on online community
  • Top Menu Advertising | text menu | Top menu advertising with 2-3 sub-menus
  • Bottom Menu Advertising | text menu | Bottom menu advertising without submenu
  • Side Tab | 220×28 px | Tab ad placed on right scroll bar all over the website
  • Blog Post | 874×90 px | Below Blog post details page

Among the above-predefined placements, we are open to discussing any other custom spot that may help you gain better visibility for your company. Get in touch with us to discuss your campaign.

All our advertising packages are flat-rate and paid on a monthly basis. To check our attractive rates feel free to contact us or fill out the form below to request our Media Kit.

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