Smartphone Service Manuals


RabbitCAM is a Fast and Flexible CAM software for programming 3-Axis CNC machine tools using 2D DXF files. AI-generated PCB Traces from EasyEDA DXF files.

Refox Bitmap

REFOX Bitmap Subscribed Version is dedicated to offering comprehensive functional repair software with rich content. It covers various brands and models, and it's continuously updated each month which will improve technicians' and amateurs' work efficiency.

ZXW BlackFish

Zillion x Work (ZXW mobile phone repair drawings, ZXWTEAM, ZXWTOOLS and ZXWSOFT) query software is written by the ZXW team. There must be some inevitable problems in the use of our software so please send us the questions you have met and give us good suggestions if you’d like to.We will regularly pick users and present them with high-end software or high-end instruments, so stay tuned! ZXW is a paid software and requires a USB dongle to work.

WUXINJI - PhoneRepair

Five-core platform to provide professional mobile phone bitmap, fine map, motherboard map, schematics, block diagram, basic knowledge, resistance to the ground, maintenance programs and a lot of resources, is committed to creating a zero base repair all mobile phone platform. Five-core software for customers to download, spread and use part of the function, the purchase of VIP members enjoy more features to use. The software is paid and costs 580 YUAN


Phoneboard is a free alternative to apps like ZXW, Wuxinji etc. These paid apps cost up to a hundred bucks a year but Phoneboard is completely free.