Infineon Technologies 60GHz radar MMIC autonomous radar sensor

Infineon Technologies 60GHz radar MMIC autonomous radar sensor


Infineon Technologies DEMOBGT60LTR11AIP Demo Board features BGT60LTR11AIP 60GHz radar MMIC autonomous radar sensor. This microwave motion sensor includes Antennas in Package (AIP) as well as integrated detectors for motion and direction of motion. The DEMOBGT60LTR11AIP board incorporates the BGT60LTR11AIP shield as well as the Infineon Radar Baseboard MCU7 for the evaluation of BGT60LTR11AIP MMIC. This demo board operates at 3.3V to 5V supply voltage range. Typical applications include smart home security, room air conditioners, contactless switches, drones, smart appliances, and smart homes.

Kit Contents

    • 3.3mm x 6.7mm x 0.56mm package size
    • Integrated detectors for motion and direction of motion
    • Multiple modes of operation including a completely autonomous mode
    • Adjustable performance parameters such as detection sensitivity, hold time, and frequency of operation
  • BGT60LTR11AIP shield:
    • 20mm x 6.25mm size
    • 2 LEDs on the shield illustrating the motion sensor output
    • Digital interface for configuration and data transfer to an MCU
    • Form factor compatibility with Arduino MKR board
  • Radar baseboard MCU7:
    • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface
    • Compatibility with Arduino MKR standard
    • Operates with RadarGUI

Board Features

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